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Investment Strategy and Opportunity

Advect Group manages private equity funds and equity-related investments primarily in the infrastructure, energy and real estate sectors in the MENA Region, with an initial focus on opportunities in Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Our investment objective is to seek significant long-term capital appreciation through acquiring strategic or controlling stakes in investments with established MENA market leaders, adding value across the investment life cycle. We intend to make private equity co-investments alongside a global network of strategic and financial partners, or as the lead investor, in companies with demonstrated track records of growth and profitability in sectors that are well positioned to benefit the MENA region’s ongoing development, including infrastructure, energy and real estate.

We believe that the macroeconomic outlook for the MENA region, relative to the rest of the world, makes it one of the most attractive markets in which to invest. Despite the current global economic downturn, growth rates in the MENA region have been strong, governments have committed to making infrastructure investments, private equity is increasingly being accepted as a source of funding, energy demand is increasing. We anticipate that declines in foreign stock market valuations and tighter credit standards will negatively impact timed investment exits and result in prime buying opportunities for our fund.